This stage is also known as the Battle for the Wounded Bitka za ranjenike. Walter Defends Sarajevo Originally, the Italians had agreed not to use the Chetniks from Montenegro on the territory of the NDH, but now had to reverse their decision in the face of the looming threat to their interests in Herzegovina. By the end of March, the Germans claimed to have killed about 11, Partisans, executed , and captured 2, On the 21st he wrote: Four villages and a fortress were constructed for the film, and subsequently destroyed. For the film see, see Battle of Neretva film.

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The operation marked the “high point of Chetnik collaboration with the Axis powers”.

Battle of the Neretva

Seeing that no progress was being made by dawn, the Brigade Headquarters cancelled the attack. With this act, all the wounded and sick were rescued. The renewal of attacks on Konjic was not envisaged. Idi mi, dodji mi Search for ” Bitka na Neretvi ” on Amazon. Retrieved from ” https: In the final stage, three divisions were supposed to destroy the encircled Partisans, and to deport the population to prevent the possibility of the revival of guerrilla activity in the area.


Four villages and a fortress were constructed for the film, and subsequently destroyed. Five brigades were attacking German positions frontally, and the remaining four were trying to circumvent the flanks.

Sergey Bondarchuk as Martin. The orders for the operation called for extreme severity battle of neretva captured Neretv and the civilian population. Anthony Dawson as Gen.

Battle of the Neretva

The Italians suffered heavy losses in this battle. Retrieved 9 December The right column has managed to complete its mission and cover the right side.

The 7th Bania division was tasked to protect he Central Hospital with around 4. Serbo-Croatian Italian German English. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The Complete Guide from Classics to Cult”. The Battle of Neretva. Firing Line With Margaret Hoover.

The Battle of Neretva () – Rotten Tomatoes

The same pioneer company that has destroyed the bridge constructed again a new, improvised bridge, resting on the skeleton battle of neretva neeetva old one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On 10 February the brigades made the decision to break out of the encirclement, and succeeded in opening the way over the Krupa-Sanski Most road toward Potkalinje. They encircle the mountain and begin the mop up operation.


Case White

There was also constant pressure from the reinforced parts of the th division from Sarajevo, increasing pressure of the Italian-Chetnik battlegroups from Mostar, build-up of further Chetnik forces on the eastern nerteva of Neretva, and a further two German divisions 7th SS and th nrretva approaching from the west.

The next major operation in Yugoslavia was Operation Schwarz. He battle of neretva ordered all the forces to concentrate attacks against Gornji Vakuf, with only necessary rearguards left on the Neretva. The main Partisan force was divided into three columns:.

Alarming news about the imminent threat to the Central Hospital was arriving in Tito’s HQ on a daily basis. The Battle on the River Neretva Two divisions, neeetva 7th SS and the th, were used for the Weiss 2 operation. Walter Defends Sarajevo It is based on the true events of World War II.