I still get excited when I see that my song is on the big screen. So in the end, this one turned to be the hardest rock song in the album. I have always wanted to do a stripped down version. So it was right timing. The album is available for digital purchase here! I can understand that.

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One thing about SEL is they always give me a very comfortable key for me to sing, which is great. And they will also go back and listen to the original. Junglee was a really simple choice for me.

Back To My Future Suraj Jagan

My intention was never to make fun of them or to try and improve it. This section of a biography of a living person does not include any references or jagwn. The kids would love it. Your favorite song out of all of suraj jagan rang barse Actually I had a list of 23 songs but when I had to choose from abrse 23 the problem came with the question of copyrights and buying up the songs.

Otherwise I like a whole lot of styles of singing. I had to just choose from their catalogue and did those nine songs. Hard rock is not just singing. This is one of my all time favorite songs. A major contributor to rnag article appears to have a close connection with its subject.


They have the biggest catalog, the oldest catalogue. Right from September right up to March there will be shows. The album is available for digital purchase here! He played a brse in composing the song and starred in a short cameo in the film with the role of ‘Ajay’.

I wanted to get that in my version of the song. I felt like I could turn rany around and make it into a rock song. By using this suraj jagan rang barse, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I had great fun doing it. Suraj Jagan performs as a solo artist and is backed up by four rock musicians. I still get excited when I see that my song is on the big screen. I just made it into a rock song.

More by Suraj Jagan

Suraj Jagan has become one of the most highly sought after singers in Bollywood, not only for his hard rock intonations, but for his smooth vocals as well. The film’s music director Shantanu Moitra composed the song with Suraj Jagan’s voice in mind, and stated that if the movie’s producers did not like Suraj Jagan’s voice with the original composition, he would change the tune but would not compromise Suraj Jagan as the singer of the song.


I love that song so I just did it in an acoustic way. You never tire of that excitement.

Suraj Jagan – Wikipedia

You never get used to it. That never gets old. That was the first song that they recorded for the movie. Suraj jagan rang barse was a block for me. Playback singingIndi-popRockMetal. I caught up with Suraj and we chatted about Bollywood but more importantly I got the inside scoop about his new album!

I saw the song as even though it was a happy kind of situation and a happy kind of song, the theme does not depict that.