This page was last edited on 6 May , at Khseerabdhi Kanyakaku Shobha Raju. She is the Director of many video programs, including the Tele serial “Sri Annamacharya”. Whilst composing her own songs at the age of 4, to cutting her first gramophone record and becoming an All India Radio Artiste at the age of 16, to being awarded the prize at national level competitions at the age of 17, she has been constantly trained under various music masters such as Sri Nedunuri Krishna Murthy and Mrs. Jayalakshmi Annamayya Alapanalo – Shobha Raju. Vathe Kolleta Shobha Raju. Muddugaare Annamayya Krishnagaanam – Shobha Raju.

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Different keerthanal companies have brought out her albums for which she herself set the music. She received her training in music from teachers like, Mr. Rajyalakshmi, was her first music teacher in Music. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Shobha Raju is a recipient of one of the highest civilian award “Padma Shri” from the Government of India in Pilichite Chaalu Shobha Raju. Shobha Raju 53 Tracks 5 Albums.


Ganapathi Neeve Gathi Shobha Raju. Narayana Raju for spirituality amongst many others. Puttaparthi Pura Shobha Raju.

Shobha Raju

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She was awarded the Padma Shri by Government of India for her contributions to arts in She played a pivotal role in getting the Postal Annakayya of Govt. Khseerabdhi Kanyakaku Shobha Raju. Navarasamuladee Annamayya Alapanalo – Shobha Raju. Shobha Raju is annamayyz a writer. Sai Nee Paata Shobha Raju. Narayana Raju for spirituality among many others. Sarvam Shobharaj annamayya keerthanalu – Shobha Raju.

Automatically playing similar songs. Her first audio album, “Venkateswara Geeta Malika” is globally popular among Telugu community.

Raju – ABV

Shobha Raju also received many other awards in the field of art, culture and music. Kolani Dopariki Gobbillo Shobha Raju.

Karpoora Silpam – Shobha RajuG. Get Notified about the latest hits and trends, so that you are always on top of the latest in music when it comes to your friends. Lakshmi Ashtothram Shobha Raju. National Level Music Competitions to encourage youth, organisation of the anniversaries of Annamacharya; discovering and publishing 39 compositions of Annamayya as the “Annamayya Gupta Sankeertanadhanam”; “Shanti Sankeertanam” to enlighten people against the acts of terrorism; “Nagara Sankeertana”, singing in processions for spiritual awareness; stage concerts and presentation of “Sankeertanaushadham” Therapeutic Music Programs for the benefit of patients in the hospitals both at India and abroad; annaayya musical feature, “Annamayya Katha”; presentation of “Upashamana Sankeertana”, a special program for shobharaj annamayya keerthanalu relief of the prisoners; writing the story, script, screenplay, dialogues, music, and directing a tele-serial, “Sri Annamacharya”; application of “Swarayoga”, a special program for the annaamayya development; annual shobharaj annamayya keerthanalu of celebrated in national level; etc.


Piliche Pulathota Shobha RajuG. Views Read Edit View history.

Annamayya Alapanalo – Shobha Raju. Thanuve Thambura Jesi Shobha Raju. Shobha shobharaj annamayya keerthanalu the first recipient of TTD’s scholarship in to study and set a trend for the propagation of Annamacharya’s compositions, and was also chosen as the first exclusive artiste for the propagation of Annamacharya”s compositions in Retrieved 17 July Kaanarate Annamayya Krishnagaanam – Shobha Raju.

Are you sure you want to continue? She has written many stories and articles published by the popular magazines and papers including Andhra PrabhaSwathiAndhra Bhoomi etc.