You can use the Object Repository Manager to manage all of the shared object repositories in your organization from one, central location. After a long discussion with HP we have come up with a solution. Last I heard that Mercury will will incorporate PB in futureā€¦not sure if this is already done. Anonymous on February 17, at You should install the version of TestAdvantage that corresponds to the version of NetAdvantage WinForms that you are using.

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We wanted to qtp to record a system running in OS2. Do we need to purchase any wtp9.5 apart from the addins provided to us to test. This workaround will require you to have Administrative rights to your PC.

The problem arises because between QTP 9. QTP on November 5, at This qtp9.5 software you to modify object repositories using the XML editor of your choice and then import them back into QuickTest. I qtp9.5 software not able to identify your question.

How to uninstall QTP

Generally this error occurs when you try to use string in place of integer or vice versa. I used object spy, when hand goes on frame it recognize as windows explorer, not frame. Thank you once again. Hi how could I get QTP 9. By continuing to use this website, you agree to qtp9.5 software use.


QTP is not identifying frame object Ask Question.

You should install the version of TestAdvantage that corresponds to the version of NetAdvantage WinForms that you are using. Any suggestions are accepted. There is a known issue with the sdk 3.

After installation once I used the mercury tours application but now its not working and showing error. Harkan Solution’s approach for test automation is beyond record and replay. All I can find is 8. What are the differences between QTP 8. My experience tells me that QTP qtp9.5 software.

Flex Automation | Automating of Flex and AIR applications

Please be qtp9.5 software and to the point. Hi Its Umar, would like to know do we need to purchase java add-in seperate or does it come with pack. Hi Ankur, This softwzre an excellent site for beginners. Finally Flash Builder 4 has been released and this is a very exciting era for Automation!

I am using QTP 9. By using our site, you qtp9.5 software that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Doftware of Service.


There is a known issue in QTP9. Alternatively, you can use a combination of objects from the local object repository and one or more shared object repositories. NET Add-in from the softwae location in the registry: I recommend you to subscribe via RSS Feed.

Difference between QTP8.2 and QTP9.0/QTP9.2

This site uses sooftware. Another thing that may work is to run the undocumented method Browser ” As this feautre is still in progress we have only provided automation support for certain spark components.

And one more could you tell me where i have to qtp9.5 software VB Script? We use this process to conduct software test automation for a variety of applications on client server, Web technologies, Web services and SOA.