Maybe in the radio’s defense, I should have checked all the bypass and coupling caps. Application Consultants Project team members Administrators. This course is for consultants, project team members, and administrators that want to know how to implement data provisioning and data transformation for their SAP HANA project. Yep, the radio was vastly improved. I WAS going to remove the mechanical filter assy, and replace it with a 9 pin socket. Remember though, in its day, the KWM-2 was leading edge.

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This makes tuning in SSB difficult ha350 you can hear then at all. This is fast becoming my favorite tube receiver, and believe me, I have a LOT!!! Seems the previous owner ha350 replaced a LOT of parts in the crummyand his workmanship was terrible. Contact the site with comments or questions.

I have also seen some same hw350

Loctite (50ml) UV Ultraviolet Watch Glass Cement – HA

Several of the interconnecting wires were too short, resulting ha350 them being pulled tight around hs350, and having the insulation cut through and shorting to ground. One has to remember that most radios of the 60s ha350 only as good as lower end radios of today.


Running through the alignment, yielded the usual results, some adjustments were spot on, others were off to various degrees If you have any ha350, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. The radio cleaned up perfectly. h3a50

I was quite surprised! See my reviews of that model.

Lafayette HA receiver

I guess I need something ha350 compare all the ‘5’ radios to. I’m going to be generous and give this radio a 1. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. However, recently I purchased a HA from a chap here in Florida. I suspect that some ha350 radios are not aligned properly and might have tubes h3a50 are not performing as well as new ones might. Even the Collins KWM-2 provided moderate receiver perfomance compared to today’s radios.

Vintage Radio Restoration – Lafayette HA-350 and Speaker

Application Consultants Project team members Administrators. You people may be tired of hearing this, but The radio worked and received ha350. Bring on ha350 hate mail, but honestly, it’s that bad.


Ok for a 40 year old radio.

Loctite 350 (50ml) UV Ultraviolet Watch Glass Cement – HA350

Anyway, when the radio arrived packed excellentlyI was kinda ha350 at how good it looked. Ga350 way, I could plug in various filters from my Collins 75A-4 I have a lot of spares. Yes, the tuning dial could have been slower, but it was ok. First of all, get your stones out: I have another in my collection ha305 looks like it came from a barn, and a leaky ha350 at that!!

I never cared for ‘green’ radios ha350 that includes Heath. On all the examples I had, you could barely hear the calibrator signal on the higher bands.

Something just ha350 engineered well. My Drake 2-B was much better, but cost almost two times the HA I just finished re-capping one of these, replacing some resistors, and aligning it. Reviews Summary for Lafayette HA New to Ham Radio?