And in this track DJ Abilities doesn’t find something cool for the album. The Dive Part 2. He talks about a man that left the war, but the consequences of it are still haunting him. Outstanding production with a super haunting bassline. Void Eternal Theory Lyrics. The Dive Part 2 Lyrics. Has held up so well.

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He talks about people’s angst, on finding out what is life all about.

First Born | Eyedea & Abilities

How much of it is real””. It’s a gritty philosophical glimpse into abulities mind of man playing in the world of boom bap. The beat varies during the song to a more dark sound, but the riff comes back in and Eyedea finishes his rhyming repeting “on this I stand”, which flows so well that you don’t even know already passed 3 minutes.


Powdered Water Too Part 1. Powdered Water Too Part 1 Lyrics. AaroN June 28th Comments. FunkShunAll March 10th 3 Dirst. My rating should be higher.

Give this a listen: So, this is pretty far up there on the hip-hop quality chart. So dark and so interesting. The piano notes are pretty awesome and the drums serve Eyedea’s flow. Blueprint is here as the only rapper invited on this album, but the content of the lyrics doesn’t get better. He is talking about how the duo represents hip-hop and stuffs like that.

A Murder of Memories Lyrics. This is what a call a nice eyedea and abilities first born Bonus Track 1 Lyrics Color My World Mine.

Powdered Water Too a. Color My World Mine Lyrics Tweet user ratings Big Shots Lyrics The rhymes are disconnected, but well written and deserves attention. Album Reviews Song Reviews. As far as we saw, the production isn’t the main character on the album.


Well, it’s our job to connect those things and give it them a meaning. On This I Stand. The beat is very shy, but brand presence. Abilitise needs some more recognition around these parts.

Eyedea & Abilities:First Born (2001)

I’ve come full circle and bumping it back up to a 5. Color My World Lyrics He talks about a dirst that left the war, but the consequences of it are still haunting him.

Such a simple, and yet, amazing piano note and frightful strings. DJ Abilities Interlude Lyrics