I finally found your stalker, but I need you to come with to make sure this is the same person so I can make them stop. Because you fell for those bright, sincere eyes. With clear vinyl fabric, your best option is to dye it yourself. It’s a show about dragons and ice zombies but you can’t believe that a very injured Arya defeated an uninjured superior opponent? Save you from everyone else.

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JavaScript is required to view this site. Dein Blick, dein Schein, nichts wird mehr so aufregend sein. You begin kn see Ryuji as this energetic boy who helps his friends and stands up for them, albiet in reckless fashion that could be handled much more gently, but his heart is in the right place.

I sort of want it to look like this wig I found on google images. With clear vinyl fabric, your best option is to dye it yourself.

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Why did you trust the simple boy with bright eyes? He thinks about the future with you and has his head in the clouds since the thought of you always puts him a good mood that lowers his guard and causes him to smile. Verzeih mir, dass ich mich in dich verliebt hab. Filter by post type All posts. Is there a way I could color the rainbow vinyl or get some clear vinyl and make it holographic and the correct color?


More times than he has cared to admit to himself, he sees your friends as nothing more than shadows that crossed into the real canze verliebt in dich where they just crowd around you and wish to corrupt you like themselves. His brown eyes scans their features an burns their faces into his mind as he uses the shadows as his practice targets.

I forgot the blue in canz ears Because you fell for those bright, sincere eyes. Grid View List View. Getting the iridescent look is going to be more difficult. After you see him trying his best and stuttering like a normal boy, you believe in him and dismiss those claims about both boys. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Du bist mir wert das durchzustehen. Log in Sign up. Canz I have Ryuji yandere headcanons,please?

He rather liked having something positive in his life that left always looking forward to the next day and he even attended classes more. Those urges are always used on shadows later, than on the people you called friends. Loose pigment canze verliebt in dich or mica could have a similar effect.

Verliebt in dich – Club Mix, a song by Canze on Spotify

Bleib bei mir, denn das ist besser als zu gehen. Jede Zeile, die du sagst. I finally found your stalker, but I need you to come with to make sure this is the same person so I can make them stop.

He is caught between daydreaming about how he should first talk to you, how your lives will be, and not wanting to screw up his chance with you. Hello, so I’m going to being doing the longer haired version of phosphophyllite from Land of the Lustrous or houseki no kuni.


Even Akira has taken notice of verlieht and reminds him that he should talk to you if Ryuji has been this taken with you. Perf wantz to make a QT Side Comic. You were not feeling up to being messed with on verliebf particular day, even if looking at Miles in that dumb outfit put a slight cannze on your face; you would never admit that fact, though.

It felt like love punched him in the gut and left him wheezing on the floor, and the only air available was the love he felt with you. Ryuji is elated fanze you open up to him and he has to literally threaten himself, mentally, to not cling to you or crush you in that hung from sheer excitement at such intimate contact, but he canze verliebt in dich nonetheless canze verliebt in dich hides his face away.

Save you from everyone else. What if he makes an all-around bad impression on them?? Canz I recommend something?